A Letter from the Executive Editor: Help Us Spread the Good News

| 02/12/2024

By: Rachel Sheehan

We ask you to help us spread the good news of the Catholic Church by supporting our work

Help us spread the good news.
Help us spread the good news.

Dear Friend,

The Good Newsroom has established itself as the central communication and evangelization platform of the Catholic Church in our area. Throughout the year, the newsroom and digital publishing team has developed numerous stories in English and Spanish that are high quality and timely on a diverse range of topics, including charity and outreach to those in need, schools, education about the faith, healthcare, and arts and culture. Our stories reflect how Catholics in our area are living out the work of Jesus in caring for their communities and one another. I am pleased to report we published over 2,000 stories in 2023.

A few months ago, I mentioned we would start to request donations to support the work of The Good Newsroom. You may wonder why this is needed. Like all aspects of the Church, we carry out our work, in part, based on donations from those who want to contribute to our mission.

While we made a successful transition to a digital news entity by launching the new brand, building a team that included new capabilities (including video storytelling and website management), there are numerous expenses associated with operations, expanded storytelling, and evangelization efforts of The Good Newsroom. We are working in a very lean manner, but we have expenses such as rent, subscription content, equipment, general technology infrastructure, staff salaries, and other costs that are directly associated with our work.

We know our stories are well received because thousands of people engage with our content each month. However, we want to reach more people, which will require a larger investment in marketing. Because some of the faithful in our area still haven’t heard of The Good Newsroom, they haven’t benefitted from visiting our website and our social media feeds, downloading our app, and signing up for our weekly e-newsletter. We seek to ensure that everyone is aware of how they can get information about the Church in our area.

As we approach the start of Lent, I want to remind you of the goals of The Good Newsroom:

  • To bring people closer to the Catholic faith
  • To strengthen the Catholic community in New York
  • To shine a light on the good works of the Church
  • To create a welcoming place for the diverse audiences we serve

We ask you to help us spread the good news of the Catholic Church by supporting our work. Your commitment to our effort will allow us to continue not only to share updates, but also to be a beacon of hope with our stories that are designed to uplift, engage, educate, and evangelize. Click here to donate now. 

Thank you in advance for your generous support.


Rachel Sheehan, MA, MBA
Executive Editor
The Good Newsroom

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