Our Lady of Lourdes High School Celebrates a French Inspired Candlelit Rosary Procession

| 11/9/2023

By: The Good Newsroom

Inspired by their namesake in Lourdes, France, Our Lady of Lourdes High School brought students and families together to join together in the faith and celebrate the rosary on a beautiful November night.

Como parte de las fiestas patronales a la Virgen de Guadalupe, el pasado domingo el Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe celebró el evento Gran Kermes Guadalupana, en la que familias fueron recibidas con música, entretenimiento, rifas, premios y mucha diversión.


Fernanda Pierorazio

Scouts and volunteers will form a network of drivers who transfer the flame across North America.


Our Sunday Visitor

You can watch Msgr. LaMorte’s homily from today’s Mass at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral here.


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